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The County Chocolatier makes artisan confections that give a sense of indulgence that delights with every bite.


Made from the finest Belgian chocolate, fresh ingredients and natural flavours that delight the senses. Our handcrafted truffles attain perfect harmony through mastery of our art combined with a love of pure chocolate.

  • Dulce de Leche
  • Orange Confit
  • Mint
  • Coffee
  • Chai
  • Vanilla Swirl
Other flavours may be added to reflect the season.


A harmonious blend of flavours in our delicious slow cooked hand stirred caramel.

These flavours are combined with a hint of sea salt and smooth Belgium chocolate. Available in milk and dark chocolate.

A truly delicious treat to be savoured.



Our signature caramel is poured over freshly popped corn, baked until crunchy and then drizzled in our smooth dark chocolate.

Our process keeps the popped corn fresh while adding a delicious drizzle of slow cooked hand stirred caramel and our selected Belgium chocolate.



Just stop and think of the all-time family favourite Oreo cookie double-dipped in the finest Belgium chocolate. Available in milk and dark chocolate as well as mint Oreos in both milk and dark chocolate.

This unique treat is an outright favourite & guaranteed to please all chocolate lovers!

The Bomb – Decadent Hot Chocolate

The County Chocolatier makes each of these decadent hot chocolate BOMBS individually by hand. Each half is crafted with only the finest Belgium chocolate. The two halves combine to encase decadent mini- marshmallows and even more Belgium cocoa powder.
Simply pour steaming milk over the BOMB and watch as they slowly melt into your own cup of delicious hot chocolate!
Take a sip and savour the rich chocolate flavours.


Many seasonal favourites are available all made with the finest Belgium chocolate. Ask us whats in season!

  • Marshmallow Butterflies
  • Seasonal Squares
  • Soft Caramel Hedgehogs
  • Our signature mini hearts
  • Chocolate dipped coffee beans
  • Fruit Mendiants
  • Daisies
  • Seasonal Pops


Tricia Eagle – The County Chocolatier
Creating artisan confections that delight with every bite

I became a chocolatier in 2009 after having completed an intensive training course followed by additional training with Belgian chefs. My objective is to provide the ultimate taste experience by using the freshest and finest ingredients in small batches.

I am very passionate about high quality, pure chocolate, which takes centre stage in my confections. All of the other flavours and textures bring harmony and balance to the overall taste of the product. I do not add any artificial flavours, preservatives or additives into my creations. My attention to detail is second to none from product development to packaging and presentation, which brings my customers back over and over again.

My greatest joy is watching people take their first bite into one of my truffles and seeing the delight that spreads over their faces. It makes my work such a pleasure!

Our exquisite chocolates and truffles can be found at select locations in Prince Edward County.

Contact us for all of the delicious details!

PHONE           1 (519) 577-3417


Proudly located in beautiful Prince Edward County along the northern shores of Lake Ontario.

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